Hockliffe Lower School

Evacuation to Holdenby House, 21st June 2022

Rowan Class have been learning all about life in World War 2. As part of our learning we dressed up as evacuees and then took part in a role play, being evacuated to Holdenby House in Northamptonshire. Everyone looked amazing and had made a real effort with their costumes.

When we arrived, we were met by Stella, a land army girl, and Mrs North, the make do and mend lady, who took us through a series of activities. We learned first aid, how to make do and mend, all about the different types of gasmasks and rationing. We were able to use the rationing items to prepare and cook food that would have been eaten in 1942. We liked the Wooton Pie, but were not fond of the Mock Goose, which looked like sage and onion stuffing, but didn’t taste very nice! We had the chance to go into the cellar and experience being in the gas secure room, it was dark and cramped and a bit smelly. We learned that in a gas attack, we would have had to stay in there for four whole days. The Anderson shelter was also dark and full of spiders. At the end of the day we had a WW2 Sing-along. We had a brilliant day.