Hockliffe Lower School

9th – 13th May Whole School Science Week

This week was a whole school science week. We linked our learning to English and chose stories on which to base our scientific learning.

Willow Class have been learning about the environment and the importance of trees in our world. Using lots of books with a tree theme, including ‘Because of an Acorn, ‘It Starts with a Seed’, ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ and ‘The Things I love About Trees’. Learning focussed on why we need trees, what things are made from wood and what happens to the wood when it is no longer needed. We investigated what creatures live in trees and looked closely at leaves in our art lessons.

Maple Class used the book ‘The Darkest Dark’ by astronaut Chris Hadfield, exploring his story from being a small boy who was afraid of the dark to his inspiring experience watching the 1969 moon landing and eventually becoming the first Canadian to command the International Space Station (ISS). From this starting point we explored the history of space exploration and what it is like to live and work aboard the ISS. During the week we kept checking back to the livestream cameras on the ISS for views of earth from space. We saw lots of different shaped clouds over the ocean and the occasional twinkling of city lights at night. We also used science fiction planetscapes as inspiration to create our own pastel planetscapes using bold colours and patterns to design planets of our own imagination!

Rowan Class read ‘Little Beaver and the Echo’ by Amy MacDonald and used it as a stimulus for their learning about ‘Sound’. They carried out lots of investigations to:

We had lots of fun during our science learning.