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Happily Learning to Succeed
Hockliffe Lower School is a small, friendly village lower school set in the attractive Bedfordshire countryside. The beauty of the school grounds provides a wide range of outdoor areas which are a source of inspiration for our children’s learning.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Learning Support Assistant – Level 2A (the contract will be linked to a named child with dedicated specific needs). Fixed Term Part-Time Salary £18,887.00 – £19,264.00 Annually (FTE) Pro rata salary £7009.45 – £7149.36 Closing Date 9:00am, 20th May 2022 Start Date 2nd September 2022 Please see link below for further details https://www.mynewterm.com/jobs/109529/EDV-2022-HLS-71833

Thursday, March 17, 2022

At the beginning of this half term we welcomed Mrs Houghton, the clay teacher back into school. We were so happy to see her again and had an amazing afternoon. She taught us how to use the clay with special glue called slip to make our own sculpture. Our clay sculptures were our interpretation of the famous Sutton Hoo mask. This learning was linked to our History topic the Anglo Saxons and was a great way to end our learning. Thank you to Mrs Houghton who always makes our learning so much fun.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Travelling There: We left school and got on a big blue Marshalls Coach. My partner was Keavy and we were being very loud! It did not take long because there was no traffic so it took about 30 minutes. When We Got There: When we got there, we stood outside for a minute or two. When we went inside, we went downstairs and into a room that was named after a king named King Offa. We put our coats and lunchboxes away. In the Cathedral: In the Offa room, we were greeted by Steve, Michael and Claire. There were two […]