School Games

At Hockliffe Lower School we take every opportunity to help the children keep healthy through participation in exercise and sport.
There are regular School Games Days that the whole school participate in. Year 4 are trained as young leaders so they can help organise and run the school games events. Each week there are lunchtime challenge matches in different sports. Also this year there will be in school games afternoons, firstly for Class 3 and then Class 2 which the School Sports partnership and their young leaders are helping us to organise.
We use sport to enhance our learning in other areas of the curriculum. During Maths week we had an excellent sports challenge afternoon that involved aiming, climbing, running and timing.

Sports Hall Athletics  February 24th  and March 10th

16 children went to the Sports Hall Athletics Competitions. They participated in a number of different events.

At the KS1 competition the ‘A’ Team came 8th with 86pts and the ‘B' team were 5th with 92 pts. In the KS2 event the team scored 112pts and were placed 15th.
Boys Football Tournament 23rd  September

Our team went to the Leighton Football Tournament and played in the competition for small schools. Well done to the team who secured 3rd place. Here is a report written by Bailey .

We went to the football tournament. The team played four matches, we won two, we lost one and drew one. Pele scored five goals, Harvey scored four goals and Bailey scored one goal. Kyle said he thought some matches were easy but others were harder.
While not performing their competitive elements the pupils had access to a range of gymnastic equipment including beams, air track and asymmetric bars and benefited from the expertise of trained professionals. Our teams trained for this event both in school and at home and performed with confidence. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile activity for all.
If you want to keep fit and healthy at home the Change4life website will give you lots of ideas and provide you with free resources. Use this link to access the website
In history we enjoyed re-enacting the ancient Olympics, throwing the javelin, discus and doing the long jump with weights. This summeer the Year 4 young leaders are organising one of the School Games day to link with KS1 literacy learning on a Roald Dahl theme.
Gymnastics 3rd  February

Six children from Key Stage 1 and six from Key Stage 2 attended the tournament at The Harlequin Gym in Leighton Buzzard. Many schools from the Leighton Buzzard area took part. Each KS1 team performed a 90 second routine to music consisting of four compulsory moves and six optional moves. Our team was made up of two boys and three girls and the music we chose was Colonel Bogey. All the team members also perform a vault from a bench. KS2 team had two set routines of moves to perform.
Tag Rugby  5th November

At the tag rugby tournament we did remarkably well and were proud because we only lost one match and that was by a single try. We were runners up in our group. Well done to all the children who represented the school so well.
Netball Tournament 21st October

Here is Harry’s report about the Netball Tournament we entered.
In October we entered the Leighton Netball Competition. In the first match Harvey and Bailey were hunting for goals when Harvey passed the ball to Bailey who was on the edge of the D; then Bailey scored a cracking goal. Pele scored seven goals which was amazing to see! We came second in our group.
The school belongs to the School Sports Partnership based in Leighton Buzzard and enter almost all the School Games competitions they organise. This means the children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports including football, tag rugby, quick sticks, kwik cricket, sports hall athletics, gymnastics, quad kids, tri golf, netball, running and orienteering. All children have the chance to represent the school in at least one sporting competition when they are in years 3 and 4.
Sports News

Tennis Tournament - June 18th

Two teams of children took part in the Leighton Buzzard Tennis tournament they both played really well and individual players played some excellent shots to build up points for their teams. The A team won or drew all their games and secured 3rd place in their group. Thank you to everyone for your great effort.

Kwik Cricket - June  9th
A team from Class 3 had a fantastic day of competitive kwik cricket at Leighton Buzzard Cricket Club; they played lots of matches winning one by a massive 50 runs and loosing another by just 1 run. In the final match for 5th place they had to play friends and sporting rivals from Standbridge Lower School; it was a great match played with a real spirit of sportsmanship. The result was really close with Hockliffe coming out winners by just 4 runs; well played everyone.
Quick Sticks Tournament - June 4th
Gold Medal Winners

Well done to the school Quick Sticks team who recently won the gold medal in a School Games tournament against 11 other schools from the Leighton-Linslade area.  The team played 7 matches and won 6 of them scoring a total of 17 goals and conceding just 7. In the final they played against Dovery Down and had a convincing 3-1 victory to the win the tournament. Congratulations and thank you to the children who played with great   co-operation and determination and were excellent representatives of the school.
School Games Orienteering Afternoon

Class 3 enjoyed an afternoon of orienteering organised for them by the Leighton Sports Partnership. They had to co-operate and work as a team to complete the challenges and of course use their map reading skills. The challenge to transfer water from one container to another whilst completing an obstacle course caused much fun and laughter. It was great afternoon.

Follow this link to see photos of the children in action.

Tennis Tournament

Two teams from the school recently took part in the School Games tennis tournament at Leighton Buzzard Tennis Club. They had been practising hard at lunchtimes and all did their best to win points in every game. One team were second in their group which was excellent.

Thank you and well done to all those who represented the school so well.
Run for Fun

One October afternoon some of Class 3 went to an event called Run for Fun, it was David, Summer, Abbie, Molly, Chloe and Kayleigh. We went on a huge bus.  There were 5 schools there and one had 9 or even 10 children. It was fun that’s why it was called Run for fun. We went to a school in Woburn Sands to do it, it was a big school. The team worked really hard and David came 5th.

By Summer

Sports Hall Athletics Competition

On Thursday 9th March some children from Class 2 visited Vandyke Upper School for a Sports Hall Athletics competition. There were two huge sports halls. First we went into the small hall and the big children showed us how to do the games. We had to jump the farthest for one game and play hockey around some cones for another. There was also a long step-up race and a speed jump challenge. There were seven games altogether. The hockey game was our favourite game because you had to move quickly but carefully around the cones. We came seventh in the competition. It was an enormously great day!

By Coco and Sofia

Football with Charlie

Every Wednesday Class 3 have football with Charlie. It is really fun and he is also an MK Dons coach. He teaches us a lot of football and we get better every Wednesday. We like it difficult because it really tests us on our skill.

By Ramiro
Tri Golf Competition

We entered 2 teams in the Leighton Linslade yr1/2 Tri Golf Competition at Leighton Buzzard Golf Club. The teams came 7th and 10th and were all good sports.
Here is a report written by Oscar

On Wednesday I went to Leighton Buzzard Golf Club with Mrs Fullwood and 6 other children. I went and did lots of fun amazing games with children from other schools. We played on the greens and used golf clubs called putters and chippers. I had a brilliant time and it was a sunny afternoon.
Congratulation to everyone at the school for achieving the School Games Gold Award for the fourth year running.  What an amazing achievement!
And very well done to 3 of our sports teams who have won medals in recent School Sports Competitions.  Our A and B Quick Sticks teams both won gold medals winning all of the four games they played in their group. Also the A team won a bronze medal in the orienteering competition.

A brilliant end to a great year of sports at Hockliffe Lower

Run For Fun

20 children from the school travelled to Fulbrook Middle school to take part in the Run for fun competition against Woburn, Husbourne Crawley, Aspley Guise and Swallowfield. They had to run a long way around the enormous field, Key Stage One children ran in a boys and girls relay and Key Stage 2 children ran individually. Everyone did their best and finished the course, it was very tiring but they did not give up. The highest placed member of the team was 5th which was brilliant.
School Games Gold Award
Cup Winners

One Thursday afternoon some of my friends and I went to an event called Sports Hall Athletics. We did lots of different sports. My favourite activity was when you had to run to one side of the room and then back again as quickly as you could. I also liked the chest pass; you had to get the ball all the way across the room with no bouncing. On the coach we did rock, paper, scissors all the way back to school. My Dad drove me home in his red car; it was the best day ever!  The next morning Mr Seymour the sports leader came into assembly, he said all our team had tried very hard and we were awarded the trophy for the value of DETERMINATION. Mrs Benger and the whole school were very, very proud of us.    

By Summer
Tag Rugby Tournament

After we had been having some practise of tag rugby in our PE lessons some children went to a tag rugby tournament at Leighton Buzzard Rugby club. We had to wear yellow jumpers and yellow tops and blue shorts. It was very hard but we tried our best. We only won two games but that was ok because it was still fun. We didn’t get through to the final which meant we did not get a medal but maybe we will next time. 

By Maddie     
Young Leaders Training

On some days at the beginning of term year 4 went out of the class to do young leader training. We learnt to teach PE to other children. Kayleigh and I taught a running game, we split some people into teams and one team was with Kayleigh and one team was with me. They had to sprint around a cone and then race back and high five the next person. The first team to get the first person at the front and sat down quietly won. Then they had to do the same thing with a ball but they had to kick it and pass the ball to the next person. I like being a young leader because I like to teach other pupils and help them to enjoy sport.

By David