Hockliffe School Council

Being a member of the School Council is a fun and rewarding responsibility providing confidence and skills for the future. However its success relies greatly on the support and enthusiasm they receive from all school pupils, parents, carers and staff. The School Council is always interested in fresh ideas and viewpoints and welcomes suggestions from all.
The School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to get involved in the way the school is run.
Each September everyone is given the opportunity to put their name forward to be on the School Council. Usually two pupils from each year group are elected through a ballot system. At the first meeting a committee is set up consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officers.
The School Council is always keen to support charities outside of school and organise fun events like discos and mufti days to raise money for Children in Need, Red Nose Day and Sports Relief.
Each winter we organise a mufti day to raise money to buy wild bird food to feed the birds in our school grounds.
This year we are working towards becoming a ‘Fair Trade’ school and are going to run a weekly tuck shop.
The council meets during lunch breaks on a regular basis with a teacher present to discuss ideas suggested by all pupils and staff. These can concern issues about the school environment or behaviour and sanctions, but more often relate to fun fundraising activities for both school and charities. The School Council is also involved in the interview process for new members of staff; their comments being a valuable part of the final decision.
Each meeting follows an agenda led by the Chairman. Minutes are taken by the secretary and a treasurer’s report is recorded. Jobs are allocated and times are set for events. The publicity officers are then responsible for preparing and displaying information relating to forthcoming events.
The annual ‘Bring and Buy’ sale in the autumn term is always popular and the proceeds from this go towards purchasing something for the school. In the past these have included a large ride on vehicle for Class 1, a Friendship Bench for the playground and several musical instruments. Most recently we have bought some brightly coloured collection boxes to collect the tokens we earn for out teams for good work and conduct.