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Hockliffe Lower School gains Silver Science Award

We are really pleased that the school has been awarded the Silver Primary Science Quality Mark which recognises the excellence of their learning in Science. Staff members were recently presented with the award by radio presenter and science fiction writer Simon Mayo at The Royal Institute in Mayfair, London.  The assessor commented on the buzz of interest and curiosity in the school as the children explore and investigate science around them. The children have made excellent progress in their ability to think scientifically, they really enjoy being scientists.

Fairtrade Fortnight

We have been learning about Fairtrade and how it makes sure that farmers across the world get a fair price for the food they grow.

The children in Class 3 have written some Fairtrade raps.
Fairtrade, Fairtrade
Everybody loves Fairtrade.
Poor farmers wouldn’t get paid
If it wasn’t for Fairtrade.
So when you are in shop; think and STOP!
Coffee beans, sugar cane, cocoa beans and chocolate
Farmers need medicine, money, food and water
Their bananas are sweet and good to eat
Fairtrade is the best that’s made
Fairtrade, Fairtrade
Let’s buy Fairtrade
Fairtrade is cool like an apple!
No food in my tummy cos I don’t have any money
I work day and night but still have no light.
Helping hands working hard growing sugar in the back yard.
Fairtrade, Fairtrade- let’s buy Fairtrade.
We want the farmers to get fairly paid,
So everyone go out and buy Fairtrade.
Do you buy any Fairtrade goods? 
Look out for the Fairtrade mark when you are shopping in the supermarket.

If you would like to find out more about Fairtrade look at the website

Follow this link to the Gallery to see more pictures of our Fairtrade work- including our Fairtrade bake sale.
A new learning space has just been established in the school grounds with the opening of the Learning Lodge. It has been funded by donations from the Parent Association and the Rolls Royce Science Award that the school won. The Learning Lodge will provide a wonderful space for the children to explore the wonders of nature in the school grounds. The ribbon at the opening ceremony was cut by Mrs Shirley, the school science co-ordinator whose enthusiasm made this project possible.

Opening of the Learning Lodge

Roald Dahl School Games Day

On Wednesday 10th June we had an amazing day of exercise, games and competitions based on the books of Roald Dahl, it was brilliant! Children decorated their bikes or scooters; there was a Mr Wonka scooter, lots of enormous crocodiles, the BFG, Esio Trot and Giant Peaches. At morning play, if you designed a scooter or bike you could show it off by pushing it along the playground so everyone could be amazed by it. Judging the competition was hard but eventually a winner was chosen from each year group. During lunchtime the children enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters
In the afternoon the Year 4 set up a Roald Dahl Games afternoon for the young ones. They were in teams and each team made a banner and chant.

The Oompa Loompas said…
Oompa Loompas look at us go
Oompa Loompas we’re not slow
Oompa Loompas we’re not last
Oompa Loompas are very fast.

The Pheasant Hunters said…
We are the peasant hunters
We are powerful and strong
You’ll never hear us coming
Unless we are singing this song
The Big Friendly Crew said…
Give us a B. Give us an F. Give us a C. Who are we?
We are big, we are friendly, we are The Big Friendly Crew.
We will help you, we will save you, don’t get in a stew.
We are big, we are friendly, we are The Big Friendly Crew!
The children enjoyed playing the games and winning points for their teams, in one game they had to try to shoot the Giant Peach past Danny the Champion of the world! At the end of the afternoon some Year 4’s had to count up the points to find the winning team, there were hundreds of tickets to count; the winners were the Oompa Loompas with 711 points! Everyone clapped the Year 4 Young Leaders for setting this afternoon up.

By Pele, Hope, Kyle and Harvey

Follow this link to see more photographs of the day in our gallery.

Eco-Science Week

During July the children had a really interesting week investigating sources of energy. Carbon, the dog with dirty black foot prints helped the children to understand the importance of being thoughtful in their use of energy in order to reduce their own carbon footprint.  The children carried out experiments using wind, water and solar power - including trying to cook shortbread in their school made solar power oven!
There are more pictures of eco-science week in the gallery. Use this link to download the final edition of Hockliffe School News
School achieves Gold Award- again!

The school has recently achieved the School Games Gold Award for the excellent sports teaching and opportunities for sport it provides for its pupils.  This is the second year in a row the school has received the gold award!

Congratulations to everyone at the school.

Here is Mr Seymour from the Leighton Linslade School Sports Partnership presenting the Gold Award  to the school’s  Bronze Sports Ambassadors.
Winter Maths Week

We had an excellent week of learning in Mathematics based on a winter theme.
Egyptian Day
Last week Class 3 went back in time to Ancient Egypt to celebrate the end of their amazing learning topic this term.  As you can see the costumes they wore were really fantastic; they enjoyed a day making sarcophagi, constructing pyramids from newspaper and masking tape and eating dates, figs and honey cake. In the afternoon they were lucky enough to learn from an expert clay sculptor how to make canopic jars; their final finished jars were brilliant.
More pictures of the Egyptian Day can be found in the gallery.
Armistice Day

On the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 o’clock the whole school gathered in the school hall for two minutes silence to remember those who have died in war all across the world. This wonderful poem, written by Timothy in Year 4, really made us think about how terrible war is and why we should try harder to life together in peace.

Growing quickly as the war goes by
Red as the blood spilled in the war
Children who need to be evacuated have to go through new front doors
Guns fire as poppies grow
When does war stop striking?
I will never know.
Did you know penguins are very mathematical birds? We used our measuring skills to make penguins of differing sizes, we made different 2D and 3D shaped penguins, we made penguin clocks and explored patterns in numbers using a story called ‘365 Penguins’.
We had a team day when we explored patterns in number and shape based on the song, ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’.  We found out about symmetry, counting in threes and folding shapes into equal fractions.
We also completed a home-school challenge to design and make a winter money box, we made money boxes of all shapes and sizes, robins, snowmen, Christmas puddings, presents, Christmas trees, an elf, post boxes, a winter skating scene and a cheeky fox! The boxes were absolutely brilliant and make a superb display in our entrance hall- well done to everyone.
Click here to find more picture of maths week in the Gallery

Rainbow Garden

This term the Garden Club have been busy preparing the school grounds for spring and bringing a little colour into the gloomy winter weather.  We have planted window boxes, recycled planters and hanging baskets containing spring bulbs and winter pansies.
Well done everyone!
We were very lucky to receive 75 rainbow coloured tulip bulbs donated by www.spaldingbulb.co.uk.

We have worked hard in a corner of Class 3’s garden to create a rainbow themed border.  We prepared the ground, planted the bulbs and a selection of perennials, which we hope will create a colourful display in the spring and summer. We will be reporting on the progress of the rainbow border as it progresses.
Photographs of all our hard work can be seen in the school gallery.
Fairtrade Big Breakfast
During Fairtrade Fortnight a Big Breakfast was held. Families arrived early at school to share a breakfast of Fairtrade food and drink and the hall was soon crowded. The children had made breakfast pastries and cakes to sell using Fairtrade ingredients.
Beautiful Birds was our whole school learning project for the beginning of this year.
Beautiful Birds
It was inspired by this wonderful fabric bird created by local artist Zanna Cromack who visited the school to tell the children about her inspriration for this art work. The children enjoyed some great art workshops with Zanna; children in Class 2 made birds from colourful card and Class 3 children used their sewing skills to make fabric birds.  Deciding on a name for the bird Zanna made gave us a good opportunity to carry out a democratic vote- the most popular choice was Phoenix!  The children in Class 1 did some amazing pencil drawings of Phoenix.
We were also visited by a sculptor who taught Class 2 how to make birds using clay; the models the children made were amazing.
The whole school learnt about garden birds that can be seen in Britain and took part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch. The children also made bird tables and houses to hang in the school grounds.
The home school project was to make bird themed headgear- what an amazing display they make in the school entrance- well done to all the children and their families.

Photos of Beautiful Bird week can be found in the gallery.
In February the school sent two teams to compete in the Leighton-Linslade Gymnastic Festival. The children worked very hard to perfect their exercises, vaults and routines. Performing in front of others in such a large gym was rather nerve racking but the children did really well and also enjoyed the opportunity to use the exciting equipment that was at the gym.
Leighton-Linslade Gymnastic Festival
The event was organised by the children of the Fairtrade committee. Thank you to all the parents and children who came and ate or served the delicious breakfast and made it such an enjoyable and successful event.
To celebrate World Book Day all the children dressed as a character from their favourite book, there were some amazing costumes! The children shared their books with each other before separating into their school teams; they spent the day writing stories, poems and doing art work based on stories from African culture including The Lion Hunt, The Hunter and Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. At the end of the day there was a recycle book sale run by the Eco Committee.
World Book Day
Class 3 Visit to St Albans Cathedral
This term Class 3 have been learning about Anglo Saxons so they visited St Albans’ cathedral to find out more. They dressed up and acted out the story of St Alban and had a tour around the magnificent cathedral. Later they made herb butter and apricot jam in the same way that the Anglo-Saxon monks would have done. They also pretended to be archaeologists and explored Anglo-Saxon artefacts. Everyone agreed it was a fantastic school trip.
Click here for photos in the gallery
Sport Relief Bake Off
The School Council organised a bake off competition  to raise funds for Sport Relief. The children decorated six cakes or biscuits on a sport theme then the cakes were sold. Mr Seymour from the Leighton- Linslade Sports Partnership had the hard job of judging and finding a winner from each class.  At lunchtime the children completed a Sport Relief Walk, they walked, jogged and ran ten times around the playground! A total of £90 was raised for the charity.
More pictures of the fantastic cakes can be found in the Gallery.
Phil the Bag
The eco committee arranged our yearly Phil the Bag Day. Families collected together old clothes, shoes, handbags and linen that they did not need and brought them to school. 64 bags were brought in altogether and the children in Class 3 used their mathematical skills to find out the weight each family had brought ; in total 324kg of clothes were collected! These will be taken and re- used by families in Kenya.

Thank you and well done to all the families who contributed.
Young Artists
Brooklands recently held a Visual Arts Exhibition; many of our children had their excellent art work chosen to be exhibited. Batik work, precise water coloured paintings, collage flowers and chalk animal patterns made a colourful contribution to the exhibition and demonstrated what talented artists we have at the school.