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Tutankhamun? Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh Trip Reports by Rowan Class

On the 3rd March 2020, Rowan Class travelled to the Tutankhamun Exhibition,. We went there because we are learning about Ancient Egypt. A kind lady drove us on her big, blue, cosy coach. When we arrived, another kind lady led us into the grand building. We marched in like Egyptian soldiers and took an enormous flight of stairs up to the Education Room.

In the Education Room, there were tons of fascinating Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings on the walls. We placed our lunch bags and coats on and below the hanger and then we began our once in a lifetime tour.

We were led to a pitch black room where suddenly a board switched on. The board informed us with some interesting and some surprising facts, for example King Tut was only 9 when he arose to the throne!

We saw an exquisite, wooden cartouche box and a vibrant and awe-inspiring, gilded, wooden pen case and finally two amazing calcite vases.

In this very interesting gallery, there was a couple of the King?s best weapons including three delicate but still intact boomerangs! I was very surprised they used them There were over 20 statues made of gold for him as well.

This was my favourite gallery because there was a life-size statue of an Egyptian guard. He was so detailed even his dress was engraved with over 50 hieroglyphics and was placed with another one outside the king?s tomb.

Austin and Jack K

On Tuesday we travelled to London to learn about Ancient Egypt. When we arrived there on a coach it was amazing to see. It was interesting and inspiring to go on because it?s a once in a life time opportunity!

The artefacts are still in amazing shape like the Tutankhamun guard we saw his staff for a weapon in the afterlife. I learnt that he became king at 9 and died at 19 and Howard Carter found his tomb on November 6th 1922. We watched a short video about Howard Carter and Tutankhamun. It felt like I was there so 3D! There were 5 galleries altogether and we visited them all! My favourite was the one with the guard who protected the tomb.

We had lunch and afterwards we made symbols like the ankh of life. The whole room was full of interesting paintings like it would be in a tomb. This trip was exciting because we were lucky to see artefacts which were so old and delicate. I would recommend this fascinating trip to anyone who likes history.

By Monty

Indoor Gardening Club!

Just because itís cold and damp outside doesnít mean that Gardening Club can have a rest! We have been busy thinking about the birds who visit our school grounds.  We have hung different kinds of bird food on our bird feeders and have enjoyed watching all the lovely birds who have been visiting our gardens.

We have been learning some useful carpentry skills with Mr Stanbridge - using chisels, sandpaper, electric screwdrivers (all whilst wearing protective eye goggles of course)! Look in the gallery for the photos which show how we made some amazing bird nesting boxes to hang in the trees in our school grounds. We smoothed all the rough edges, fitted the pieces of wood together like a puzzle, fastened all the pieces together and finally painted them.  They look amazing.

In preparation for making our hanging baskets and planting our summer pots, we have planted seeds to try and grow our own summer annual plants. Fingers crossed they grow well!

Water ,Water  Everywhere!

On 30th January 2020, we had a visit from Anglian Water. They are very important because they are our local water company. We met a kind lady called Caroline. She came to teach us how water is cleaned and what we should and should not be putting down our drains.  We took part in lots of different activities all morning, which we all enjoyed. We learnt that water has lived longer that the earth! Did you know that the water you drink from your taps today is the same water the dinosaurs and people before you drank?

By Austin

Caroline told us how water is cleaned. She let us make sewage soup. We made it with water, washing powder, tea, oil, poo and wee! We mixed it all up with a spoon. When the oil went in it went to the bottom and then came back up to the top of the bowl. She told us that microbes clean out the water. I was amazed! Microbes are tiny bugs. We used some plasticine and decorations to make our own microbe. I loved it!

By Nicola

After we made the sewage, we talked about what should and should not go down the drain. First she said that no wet wipes or flushable wipes should go down because they have tiny bits of plastic in them which can block your pipes and get into the rivers and seas and pollute them.  She said the best way to remember what to put down is remember ĎThe 3 Písí that is pee, poo and paper!

After that we watched a video of how our water is cleaned and then played a card game. We had to order the cards in the right order of how the water is cleaned.

By Ella

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