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Father's Day Fun
Many dads, granddads and male carers joined their children in school for a fun afternoon building moving models. They came up with some amazing designs, police cars, fire engines, vans buses, tanks and beach buggies.  Once they were built everyone had great fun in the sunshine testing their vehicles on the grass, the playground, down slopes up ramps and along tracks and roads the children created on the playground. Thank you to everyone that came along and made it such a lovely afternoon.
More pictures of the afternoon can be seen in the gallery.
Busy Bees
Children from Class 2 and 3 spend a week learning all about bees and creating special garden in  the school grounds which would attract bees. Here are two reports about the week written by the children.
On Monday afternoon a lady called Jenny came into our school to teach us all about bees, she was a beekeeper. Jenny brought along with her some costumes so two children could dress up as beekeepers.  Jenny gave them a smoker, a smoker is a pump  that you put paper in and set it alight, then you close the lid and press the pump and all smoke comes pout and gets the beehive to calm down. Jenny let us try some honey that her bees had made, some people did like it and some did not enjoy it at all.
By Tia.
On Tuesday we planted some bee friendly flowers like lavender and snap dragon. Next we painted pebbles; we painted them to look like bees because we needed to collect the nectar and pollen so they could give us some honey. When we finished painting them we put them on paper towels to dry, then we put them around the edge of the bee garden.
By Phoenix
Look in the gallery to see more pictures of our learning about bees.
We’ll Meet Again……
This week we said goodbye to our year 4 children who will be off to middle school in September. As a farewell the children performed an emotional musical play based in World War 2, there was not a dry eye in the school hall. Well done to all the children for their fantastic acting and singing.
In the words of the famous song from the 1940’s ‘We wish them luck as we wave them goodbye!
In June the children in class 3 were evacuated to Holdenby House. Here is a report about the day by Joshua.
On the 23rd June all of Class 3 travelled to a really cool house called Holdenby House. It took us just over an hour to get there. When we arrived there was a lady called Stella.  She turned on a machine and it made a fighter plane noise. While we were there we made some food.
We ground bread with a special grinder to make pastry. Then we made some mats from spare pieces of fabric. We also got to see inside an Anderson shelter. It was a great trip.

More pictures of the end of year play and the visit to Holdenby House can be seen in the gallery.
Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

On September 13th Roald Dahl the amazing story writer would have been 100 years old. The pupils at the school celebrated this by dressing up as their favourite Roald Dahl character and each class focused their learning on one of his wonderful books. Class one enjoyed the story of the Enormous Crocodile and were all eager to make their own crocodile out of bubble wrap! Class 2 read Charlie and the Chocolate factory and designed their own delicious chocolate sweets. Class 3 explored the language in the BFG, made dream catchers and described their dreams.
Macmillan Coffee Morning

The amazing sum of £345.16 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support just by baking and eating cakes. Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a fantastic event; the cakes were delicious!
Harvest Around the World

The children found out about how the harvest is celebrated in different countries around the world as their harvest theme this year. They investigated where the food we eat is grown and how far it travels to reach our plates. Class 2 children wrote some fantastic poems about Italian food and the children in class 1 learnt a song about 5 little hot dogs!  The children shared what they had found out in our Harvest Assembly, they sorted the food they had brought in into boxes which were sold at the end of the assembly.  The children choose to send the money raised £90.85, to an Oxfam project which is building water pumps so families in Northern Kenya can have fresh water to drink.
Would you like to be a Zoo Keeper ?

One of our children’s Dads is a zoo keeper at Whipsnade Zoo, he came to tell us about his job. He helped us to find out where in the world the animals he looks after come from. He brought lots of amazing things for us to see like a crocodile jaw and a lion skin! We would all like to be a zoo keeper.

Click here to see more photos in the gallery.
It has been a busy half term at Gardening Club - we have been working hard to prepare the school gardens for winter.  In the Bee Garden, we have planted lots of bee friendly bulbs for the spring, which will provide nectar for early solitary bees. We have replanted all the window boxes and planters around the playground with winter flowering pansies and also added some new hanging baskets to the front of the school to bring some colour to the dark, winter months. Along the fence, next to the slope in the playground, you will see our new, bright, colourful planters, which we have planted with winter flowering violas.  They really brighten up the playground.

In Class 3’s garden we have spread bark to prevent weeds from growing. We made some very impressive bughouses, which are now hanging along the fence, next to the log pile. Hopefully these will provide some winter shelter for creatures that like to live in our school grounds. To help look after wildlife, we have also made some bird cake, full of lard, seeds, peanuts, raisins and stale bread, which we hope the birds will enjoy.

Click here to see more photos of our gardeners at work.

After School Garden Club

This year our Christmas play told a traditional Russian story about a Grandmother called Babushka.

Babushka was very lonely and just kept cleaning and washing until one day she was visited by three kings who were searching for another baby king. Babushka went on her own journey to the stable to see Jesus and learnt that being kind to others would fill her with joy and love and give her life meaning.
The children worked really hard to learn their parts and the singing as always was excellent- well done to the children who sang solos. 

More pictures of our Babushka play and Christmas decorations around the school can be found in our Gallery.
Many thanks to all our parents and friends of the school who supported the fundraising this year to buy our Christmas present- a new stage, it is fantastic!
Romans for a Day

On 21st February on Tuesday, Class 3 drove in a bus to a place called Bradwell Abbey, because they are learning all about Romans. A lady called Jacki talked through what activities we were going to do.

Then out of nowhere a roman soldier walked in. He talked to us about Roman soldiers weapons. He said that the Roman soldiers all fought in a group so they all use small daggers to fight with and held shields to protect them. In the middle of the shield it had a metal boss to protect the heart. Roman soldiers usually wore chain mail clothes and metal helmets and leather shoes. He also taught us Latin words.

After that, we dressed up for a banquet. Some people were slaves, some were guests and one person was a head slave. The slaves had to serve food, fan guests and clean up the guests sick for them!
Soon after that we walked for about twenty minutes to Bancroft Villa. Some people liked the walk but most didnt because they were tired. While we were there we had an outline map of the ruined roman house and we had to find which room was which. We explored it and answered the questions on the sheet.On the way back we sat on the famous concrete cows- but dont tell anyone!

By Joshua and Joshua
Friends Poems

This term our value has been Friendship. Here is a poem about friendship written by Austin from Year 1

Welcome to the Spring

How wonderful our school looks at the moment, thank you to Mr Stanbridge, Mrs Surgett and the Gardening club for planting the bulbs and plants which are now so colourful and tell us Spring is definitely here! 

Learning about Fligh


Class 2 had a brilliant school trip to Shuttleworth to finish their learning about the history of flight other transport this term. Here is a report written by Jack, Branden and Olivia.

On Wednesday 29th March Class 2 visited the Shuttleworth Collection to learn more about transport. We travelled by coach and when we arrived we had a ride on a very old bus. It was an open-top double decker bus. Then we went outside and saw lots of aeroplanes. We saw the blades spin on one of the old planes. We got given old passports to see how people used to travel around the world. It was a fantastic day and we all loved it!
Other pictures of the children at Shuttleworth can be found in the Gallery

Make them Laugh!

On Comic relief Day all the children wore something funny and raised £55.10 to help children in other countries. Here is a report by Kiri, Arabella and Oscar.

On Wednesday the 22nd March we all put red noses on and dressed up to raise money for comic relief. Everyone looked amazing. We all went into the hall and took turns on the stage to tell jokes, like “What is the fastest cake in the world? Scone!”  It was lots of fun and we learnt quite a lot about comic relief.

You can find more pictures of the show in the gallery.

Fairtrade Fortnight

During Fairtrade fortnight as part of our learning about how Fairtrade helps farmers in other countries there was competition to design a poster to encourage people to buy Fairtrade goods.
All the posters were excellent and have made a superb display in the school entrance. Here are pictures of the winners from each class.

Shakespeare in Drama

Class 3 have been working with a visiting actor to read and perform a play by William Shakespeare. Ruby wrote…

On Fridays we have been learning about lots of Shakespeare plays. We are doing the Scottish play Macbeth. It is scary.

Playing the Ocarinas

This term class 3 have been learning to play the ocarina. They gave a great concert to the school and parents which everyone enjoyed. What fantastic musicians they are!

Beep Beep Day - 10th May

On Wednesday it was Beep Beep Day, all the children’s learning centred on Road Safety. The children came dressed in traffic light colours and there were traffic light cakes to buy at a special tuck shop. The money raised (£43) was sent to Brake, the road safety charity. 
Yr 4 had Bikeability training and the rest of the school earned their Scootability Level 1 or 2 certificate. Children in class 3 carried out a road traffic survey tallying the number of vehicles using the main roads that the village is built on. They were very concerned about the speed cars and lorries drove passed the school and how dangerous this was for the children when coming to and leaving school. One pupil has written a letter to Andrew Selous, our member of parliament, explaining her concerns and asking for his help in reducing the speed limit outside our school to 20 miles an hour. She has collected the signatures of all the children parents and teachers on a petition.

We hope her letter is effective - 20 IS PLENTY!
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Our Trip to the Gurdwara
A report By Amelie

On Tuesday, the whole of Class 3 went on a school trip to the Gurdwara in Milton Keynes. When we arrived, we had to take off our shoes, wash our hands and cover our heads. We met a lady called Aftah, a kind happy, welcoming lady wearing a beautiful blue sari. She told us to follow her into a hall called the Langar Hall. I felt very shy because I had never been there before. Then we went upstairs.
While we were walking, we saw a picture - it was a picture of one important Guru and his sons. When we reached the top, we were in the Main Hall. It was very colourful and pretty. The whole floor was covered in white sheets to keep it clean. We had to walk along the straight mat and not across the white covers to show respect. I felt different because it was unlike the inside of a church. Aftah passed around the 5 K’s. The Kirpan was heavy, so was the Kara. She showed us how to pray: she knelt down by the book (Holy Book) and put her head down, inside her head she said her own private prayer, then she repeated the same on the other side.
After that, Aftah asked some ladies to come and show us how to play the instruments. We sang along with them. A man came and waved a stick with horse hair over the Holy Book.

We wanted to know what happened to the Kirpan when she travelled abroad. Aftah said she had to take her Kirpan off when she travelled and put it in her suitcase.
Finally, we went back downstairs and they offered us a cookie and a drink. I had a chocolate cookie and blackcurrant juice (yummy)!

My favourite part of the trip was when we passed around the 5K’s because I could feel what they actually felt like.
Look into the gallery to see other pictures of our visit to the Gurdwara

Fathers’ Day Fun

Here is Annabelle’s report of a great morning we had at school learning with our Dads and Grandads.

On Friday 16th June everyone’s Dads and Grandads came for a special event to Celebrate Fathers’ day. We all created boats that floated. I made a pirate ship with my dad. We tested pour boat in a tub before putting them in paddling pools on the grass. Mine broke so I turned it into a submarine! I got very wet and had to get changed into my P.E kit. It was lots of fun!

There are more pictures to look at in the Gallery

Eco -week

We had a great week at school focusing our learning on the 4R’s

Here are some children’s reports about that week.

At the beginning of Eco Week, we had an assembly chatting about school rubbish. There were lots of bags, but they only weighed 12.5kg because they were full of paper and paper towels. We decided to think about reducing because we are very good at recycling. I made a poster about the 4 R’s - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Repair.
On Tuesday, the Junk Man came to show us how to make instruments with junk. He let us play with his recycled instruments. I played a drum. He was very funny!  
By Summer
On Wednesday, we linked our topic about rainforests to our recycling week. In class 3 we made recycled rainmakers and recycled baskets. We made the rainmakers out of cardboard tubes and old magazines. We made the baskets out of old red, yellow, green and blue plastic bags  You had to cut the bags into strips and weave them in an out around an old paper plate. Class 1 recycled old boxes to make animals for a Junk Zoo.

On Friday, everyone at school dressed up in upcycled clothes and walked on the catwalk. Everyone was different. It was nice to see everyone’s imagination. When everyone had been up, there were prizes.; here are pictures of our winners from each class

By Abbie
More photos are in the gallery.

Zany Zoo- Year 4 Farewell Show

Chimpanzees that like to clean; a fish that cannot swim; a dancing elephant, a llama that cooks pizza not to mention a tiger that is a rock star! All these animals belong in the Zany Zoo and made an appearance in the final farewell show performed by Class 3, ably supported by the combined Class 2 and 1 choir. It was a brilliant show that provided lots of laughs, and tears for the parents whose children are moving on.
As the final song in the show says “Although we are different, we’re family.’ So goodbye to the Year 4 members of our Hockliffe School family, thank you for all you have contributed to the school in your time as pupils here and good luck as you move on to your different middle schools in September.

More pictures of Zany Zoo can be seen in the gallery
We did raft building; we had to put giant barrels together and tie them in a figure of eight. Each raft fell apart and some of us had to swim back though most of us got on the surf boat.
By Amelie

We had fun doing bushcraft- it’s like building dens outside with logs and creating fire to toast gooey marshmallows!            
By Molly

One of the activities was fun boats where I got to steer on the way back to the beach and I pulled the rope on the way there.
By Kayleigh

My favourite part of Grafham Water was the crate stacking because we were pushed of the tower!
By Phoenix

Grafham 17

Children from Class 3 spent two nights at Grafham Water- here are a few of their thoughts about their adventure.

At Grafham water you had to make your own bed when you arrived which wasn’t easy! We had to keep our rooms tidy and there was a prize for the best room. By David
There are more pictures of the children at Grafham Water in the gallery.

Thank you Mrs Hopkins

Mrs Hopkins has been coming to Hockliffe Lower School for many years. Once upon a time she was the school cook and then a midday meals supervisor. She has been a school governor and the chair of governors for many years. She has also helped many children in Class 1 learning to read. Now Mrs Hopkins has decided it is time for her to take well-earned rest and retire; in fact she is going to go and have some adventures travelling the world!

Here is a picture of Mrs Hopkins with some children sitting on the library stools she bought the school and reading the books she bought to help them with reading.

We would like to say a very big thanks you to Mrs Hopkins for being part of the school and hope she enjoys her holidays in all the places she is going to visit.

Wear It Wild Day. On the last day of half term we all came to school dressed as wild animals and collected money to support the World Wildlife Fund. The school was full of tigers, leopards, panthers, giraffes, polar bears and snow leopards. We found out information about the wild animals and discovered that many of them are endangered.
Harvest Assembly.  We had our harvest assembly this week and lots of our parents came. We wrote poems about autumn and fruit and vegetables. Class 3 told everyone about harvest and farming in Anglo Saxon times. We sang our harvest songs beautifully. The food we collected is being donated to help the homeless people in Leighton Buzzard.
Punch and Judy. Year 1 and 2’s learning topic has been ‘The Seaside’ and in October we had a big surprise when a Punch and Judy Show came to the school.  The show booth was very colourful and Mr Punch spoke with a really funny voice. We loved joining in with the show and there was lots of loud shouting and laughing.
Cookery lessons. This week a chef came from Kiddi-cook to help us learn about food nutrition and show us how to cook healthy meals. We cooked a spinach and chickpea curry which used wonderful herbs and spices; they smelt amazing! We chopped the ingredients and mixed them to create a really tasty dish that we took home for tea.

The Christmas Recipe

This year our Christmas play told the story of two Chefs who worked together to find all the ingredients to make up the recipe for a perfect Christmas. Of course Father Christmas, presents snowflakes, stars and a band of rocking robins were on the list, alongside some very bouncy, baaing sheep and a clip clopping donkey. However they discovered that the vital ingredient was the baby Jesus who each Christmas brings us the gift of love.

The singing, dancing and acting was just amazing so well done to the whole school.

Pictures of the Christmas Recipe can be seen in the gallery


A snowy Sunday meant that the Christingle  service at St Nicholas Church had to be cancelled. However not to be beaten Father Noel arrived in school on Thursday with oranges, candles, cocktail sticks, fruits and sweets to help the children learn about the Christingle and what each element represents. The children enjoyed making their own Christingle and proudly took them home to light the candle and share what they had learnt with their parents.

More pictures of the Christingle and our winter art work can be seen in the gallery

Bedford Castle

Yr1 and 2 spent a day in Bedford learning about the castle that was there many years ago, they also went into the museum and were able to handle artefacts that had been found when the castle site was excavated. The guide at the museum was really impressed with the questions that children asked and the knowledge that they already had about castles.

Pictures of the visit can be seen in the gallery

Firemen in the Rain

Yr 1 and 2 had some very exciting visitors when firemen came to talk to them all about fire safety. The children were very excited when they had a competition to see who could be the quickest to put on the fire officers’ safety clothing.

Later, even though the wind was blowing and the rain pouring down, the children went out to see the fire engine and everyone had a chance to use the fire hose to make the playground just a bit wetter!

Snowy World Book Day

The snow and blizzard conditions that came on this year’s World Book Day certainly did not put a stop to the fun at school. The children all looked fantastic in their book character costumes and had lots to share with  friends about their character and what they did.During the week the children also found some really unusual places to read a book, a wheelie bin, a skip, the boot of a car, in the barn with the cows and upside down in a fridge to name but a few!
The children made scenes from their favourite book in  a box, how colourful and creative they were, so well done to everyone.Many thanks to the parents who trudged through the snow to share a book with groups of children on World Book Day everyone enjoyed sharing so many wonderful stories.

Pictures of the day can be seen in the gallery

School Hall Theatre

Our school hall was transformed into a theatre by the Full House Theatre Company who performed a play called ‘In the Light of the Moon’. We enjoyed watching the actors as they told us the story of a little cat that was afraid of the dark.
They sang some lovely songs and made us all laugh and sometimes be a bit sad. 

Year R are looking forward to going to a real theatre in Leighton Buzzard to see the actors perform another play called ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ in the summer.

Scoot to School for Sport Relief

We decided that we would raise money for the Sports Relief Charity by riding our scooters to school and challenging ourselves to scoot around the playground as many times as we could in 10 minutes. It rained nearly all day but we still went outside and had great fun getting fit, wet and dirty all at the same time!  We raised £44.50 for Sports Relief.

Easter Experience at All Saints Church

Class 3 visited All Saints Church to learn about the Easter Story. Thank you to Father Grant and all the other adults in the church who helped the children understand the importance of the Easter Festival to those who follow the Christian faith.

Blue and Green Day

May was Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month so we had a special Blue and Green day to help raise money for the Childhood Tumour Trust charity which helps children who have this condition. We has an assembly and found out how MF1 can effect children and how they can be supported and helped in school. Thank you to the parents who made the delicious blue and green cakes which we enjoyed buying and eating!  We raised £147 for the charity so very well done everyone.